Jan 24, 2017
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If you are not an advanced user of cryptocurrency and have never faced before with online investments using this progressive tool, please refer to the detailed instructions on cooperating with tophash.biz investment program. Read the possible steps to work with the company – we hope that this guide will help you understand the intricacies of the investor’s work.

Step one. Account registration.

To become a client of tophash.biz, you must have a personal account on the official website of the company. To do this, fill out the short registration form and provide a minimum of information: select a unique login name (it will be used to access your account), select the most complex password and enter your email. We recommend that you also install a unique Bitcoin address that will be used for further gain withdrawal.

The Bitcoin-address is an identifier (account number), starting with 1 or 3 and containing 27-34 alphanumeric Latin characters (other than 0, O, I). Sample address: 1RtyiLJfdXyi4EeHnDyJbPotysnCpwn98p or 3TraNyEUGCmWvXbcktQQqJrPHaYj9e44xx. You can find this address in your Bitcoin wallet.

Step one
Account registration.
Step two. Creating a deposit.

Carefully read the investment proposal of tophash.biz in the Investment Proposal section. The company offers four investment plans with the accrual of profit every 60 minutes. The total gain is between 3% and 7.5% per day, depending on the size of your deposit. You can withdraw profits daily and instantly. The minimum deposit is 0.01 Bitcoin.

In order to make the deposit log into your account using the data that you have specified during the registration. Go to the Create a Deposit section and select the amount you want to invest. The system will automatically detect your investment plan. Click on Make a Deposit to produce a unique Bitcoin address; you’ll have to send the required amount.

Step two
Creating a deposit.
Step three. Wait for the deposit transfer.

Bitcoin payment system requires at least 3 network confirmations to deposit the transfer. This usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. In rare cases, the wait can take up to 24 hours. This process is automatic and does not require you to commit any action – just wait until the deposited amount will be displayed in the list of deposits on your account. You can check the payment status in Blockchain.info system – just use the search box where you must enter the address to which a deposit has been sent.

Step three
Wait for the deposit transfer.
Step four. Follow accruals.

Profit accrual is happening every hour since the acceptance of your deposit. This means that every 60 minutes the profits of 0.1250% to 0.3125% of your deposit will come to your balance. Profit accrual takes place on an ongoing basis, 7 days a week, including weekends, until you decide to terminate the cooperation and return your investment.

Step four
Follow accruals.
Step five. Profit withdraw.

You can withdraw profit as soon as your balance is 0.0001 BTC amount or more. To obtain the payment, you need to make a request in the Withdrawal section. Enter the amount you want to withdraw from the balance and confirm your request. All requests are processed instantly.

Step five
Profit withdraw.
Step six. Invest any amount.

Automated platform tophash.biz allows you to invest any amount and have a few deposits at the same time. Note, that each of your deposits will be unique, with its own terms of accruals. For example, if you have two or more deposits, this means that your profits will be accrued several times within one hour. This is the best solution to increase your active deposit. Join to use this perfect opportunity!

Step six
Invest any amount.