Jan 21, 2017
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Welcome to tophash.biz!

The cryptocurrency industry is rapidly developing, acquiring more and more users around the world. Unusual payment instrument has been recognized as a useful tool for a profitable investment long ago. When choosing a reliable financial partner, turn your attention to our company. We offer the best conditions for trust management, which are based on the productive activity of our major centers for mining Bitcoin. Technical base used by us, an extensive network of partner equipment and of course effective solutions applied for cooling mining equipment and energy saving allow us to provide a stable daily income of 3% to 7.5% on the basis of charges every 60 minutes. In addition, tophash.biz offers withdrawals at any time, as well as the instantaneous processing of all requests for withdrawal. If you are a novice user of cryptocurrency, our company will be loyal your loyal companion in the world of online high-yield investments.

10.00000000 BTC
hourly profit:
10.00000000 BTC
daily profit:
10.00000000 BTC
weekly profit:
10.00000000 BTC
monthly profit:
10.00000000 BTC
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Why TopHash?
The company has passed all the necessary tests to obtain authorization to engage in online financial activities and has the official registration in the UK.
Technical experts of the company have the necessary knowledge and extensive practical experience in the field of mining cryptocurrency.
The automatic technically flawless and absolutely safe investment platform is designed for the receipt of investments and income payments.
Investors’ income is accrued every 60 minutes and is 5% per day with the possibility to instantly withdraw profits any time.
The company is focused on long-term work, and offers favorable conditions for partners and regional representatives of up to 6%.
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